God operates in the Crazy

Have you ever heard a believer said phrases like how crazy God made that work, how crazy how God answer that prayer, how crazy God place all the pieces together, how crazy HE made all work out and so on? I know I have, and I am sure for some it seems unusual or funny talk but guess what? it is not. To us might sound odd but for GOD is not odd at all because GOD operates in Crazy. say what? yes, HE operates in the crazy see his miracles, the people HE chose; crazy to HIM is normal. Now I do not mean crazy mentally but in faith. We must have crazy faith in order to see big miracles, big revelations, big visions etc. Why? You asked? Because in one hard season I had to walk in crazy faith.

It started with a conversation along with prayer and agreement. Then, I follow the steps that most good Christians do prayer, group prayers, quiet time, declaring, confessing, believing, praising and confident that God will fulfill my family’s heart desire. But as time goes by my prayers stop, my praising stop, everything that brings honor to God simply stop. Instead my will overshadow anything else, my actions allowed doubt, fear, division, disobedience, and control reign in my life. Until the holy spirit came in one night in a gentle whisper obey and trust. As I was crying uncontrollably, I can only say ok God I will obey. Right, then, my trust shifted, my paradigm shifted, my faith moved to crazy, and I started to walk in obedience. Every step I took seem ridiculous, every prayer I made seem bolder, every thought seems braver, but I did it because I trusted God as He always reminded me, HE is trustworthy. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

As I was walking in faith fear started to creep in and it’s goal was to cripple me but as my body starting to feel overtaken by it; I scream God, I need you and I heard very clear voice I got you; do you trust me? As I said yes, I felt my sassy faith taken over my body as well as spirit and all the sudden my voice started to shout not today devil you will not succeed. God is greater than any fear, so I stated to declare scripture until I felt fear fled. The enemy will do his best to distract you, confused you and deceived you. Walking in Faith makes him nervous so He will do HIS best to sabotage God’s plan for your life. Can I tell you a little secret?  The enemy does not like to mess with crazy. So, go crazy for GOD, let your faith make him tremble for messing with you. Remind him who’s you are and remember you have two vital weapons God’s word and prayer.

Consequently, my faith needed to step into the crazy level which I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and what do we instinctively when we are uncomfortable? We adjust. I had to adjust my attitude, my heart, my feelings to HIS truth, HIS ways, HIS Word and declare I was going to trust GOD no matter what, no matter what I see, no matter how I felt, pray boldly without ceasing and praising HIM like he already did what he said HE is going to do. No matter what GOD knows the best for me.

Now, it is not easy to trust and obey; especially when you don’t know what’s next, when life tuned upside down, when the outcome is different that you hoped, when you don’t understand HIS plan, when is silent, when life seems unfair, when GOD says No or not yet. However, we do not have to understand the why of Gods ways, but we do have to keep choosing to follow them and we do not do it out our own strength but HIS.

Today, sweet sisters, as we decide to follow God and his ways the world will see us as crazy individuals, after all we are Christ-believers, but I want to encourage you to be bold, to pray with fire, to trust wholeheartedly and to obey not perfectly but real obedience. This level of faith I speak of is telling yourself every day you have a choice to choose to follow, to pray for it, to fight for it, to know what you know not what you see, to hold to HIS promises, to believe who God is, to Trust God in the midst of uncertainty, to know that my acts of obedience are evidence of my trust in God. As you walk in the fullness obedience of God you will not be surprised by his miracles because you are just faithful. So, be faithful, make the changes, the adjustments and see what once was crazy now is simply full of faith. Remember, God has a plan with a bigger vision in mind when He is operating in the crazy and He wants his children to experience crazy miracles, blessings in abundance, richer peace, deeper intimacy with HIM.

Let’s go Crazy!


No matter what unexpected situation arises, we can choose to give God all the glory as we trust Him to be good and do good. Loving Lord I lay my life before You for I trust in You and pray that in all things You would continue to keep and to care; to guard and to guide and to support and to strengthen in every avenue of life, for my trust is in You, my God and my Savior. Amen


1 Peter 5:7, Psalms 33:4, 55:22, 62:8, 128:1 143:10, Proverbs 3:5-6, 4:20-21, 4:10, Deuteronomy 28:1,5:33


What steps you need to take in order to activate your crazy faith? How is your trust? Are you trusting God in every area of your life? What assignment is God calling you to right now? Have you taken steps towards this assignment? If so, what is God showing you through your steps of obedience? If not, what steps can you take next to walk toward where He is calling you?

Written by Tamy Hughes

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