In the River

A good friend of mine invited my family and myself to the Frio this past May. I would like to tell you that being from Texas that a trip to the Frio and staying in a cabin is our yearly vacation, but it is not. That is a shocker, to some. To be honest I have dreaded getting into any body of water, yes even pools. Ha ha ! Now I will sit in my shower and soak in that tub with some praise and worship blaring and like a child at times my fingers are wrinkled before I’ve gotten out, but we all know that’s completely different, right. I have never been a run and dive in type of girl. I usually question, is that water hot or cold. I even ask is it deep or is it shallow. Now the ride seemed long and the highway unending, but I had over three hours to gaze upon God’s creation and I felt so blessed to be doing it with my guy. My hubby was glad I accepted the offer and beyond ready for a little vacay, God bless my hardworking husband. So, as we arrived, I was full of excitement and still just amazed about Gods creation like the hills, they made me want to listen to the song, “Hills and Valleys.” I wanted to walk down to the River so bad. I wanted to see that clear water and I wanted to feel the river which held true to its name, Frio which is Spanish for cold. Yeah, most people know that. My children bounced out that truck and helped unload quickly, no surprise right. I thought man I want to see them move that fast when I ask them to wash the dishes. Anyhow, the moment to go down to the river was coming and I felt like a child at a theme park about to ride thefastest, extreme ride ever. As I walked down those stone steps, I felt my stomach get a little tight and my inner mama bear kicked in, shaking my head. I was telling my kids slow down, becareful of this and that. Then the moment came! The Frio River was in my view. Man, when I could see that river I was in awe, I couldn’t help but smile taking in the beauty of that clear river,the beautiful white rocks, the tall trees deeply rooted on the bankwith such girth. Friends already setting up a canopy to save our spot and their children just diving in the river. I was ready, like whoo-hoo I’m going to get up in that river and stay all day!Yeah, that did not happen. I was like toes first, oh that’s cold.” I tell ya, it probably took me 20 min to go from ankle deep, to knee deep then to waist deep and then the next day I did the same. It was probably the third day that I finally felt comfortable enough to completely submerged myself under the refreshing water. Yes, it was cold, and I could feel my body temperature drop a bit, it was a rush but felt so dang Good! I could have stayed all day in that water. I planned on doing so the next morning, but it rained, and we had to pack up. The trip had cometo an end and it was time to go home. I waited to fully submerge myself, why did I wait. Truth is I wanted to feel comfortable and safe. I wanted to know my surrounding. I wanted some control. You know what, we never floated the river on that trip. I am so bummed and so were my kids, that we did not float but we as a family agreed to take a trip next year. Fast forward to the present, in the lovely month of September, God has been speaking to me about unity and family. I must do something that will make me feel extremely uncomfortable. God does some amazing things like making me feel uncomfortable. Its really for my benefit. There is beauty and refining of the heart when put in a position that may seem uncomfortable at first. Like when I first saw the water, I was awestruck by the beauty and detail of the hills and the river and all that surrounded me. But there was also the beauty of immersing myself in his creation and fully trusting him in the river. He is with me always and with you as well. That is the Father we have. I wanted to share at this very moment I am again stepping into the water, ankle deep, I have reached out to a friend who has modeled the love of Christ in her big family that ever so inspires me. Knee deep, prayed and talked about what God is calling me to do, along with the kids and the hubby. I know that God is doing something big in my family and in me that I must do what He is calling me to do in obedience even if I do it afraid. Today I know that if I continue to wait to act on what God is calling me to do and step into the water and fully immerse myself, I will not experience God to the full extent. The blessing will be postponed till the next time I attempt to go at it … I will not float the river. I want to experience His goodness and presence everywhere and through all things. God is the God of the Hills and Valleys. Those Valleys may be dark and cold, the Hills high and rolling,  the Rivers cold and deep, but trusting in the Lord even when I’m uncomfortable and scared will drive out lies of the enemy and bring healing and restoration and that’s what I’m believing for myself and my family and for whomever lays eyes on this blogin this season. I cannot wait to see what happens when I float the river… I bet there will be some rapids. Oh Jesus! 

Psalm 104:10

You sent spring cascading through the valleys,

Flowing freely between the mountains and hills. 

Psalm 121:1-3 TPT

I look up to the mountains and hills, longing for Gods help.

But then I realize that out true help and protection come only from the Lord, our Creator who made the heavens and the earth. 
He will guard and guide me, never letting me stumble or fall. 

God is my Keeper; he will never forget nor ignore me.

Psalm 1:3

He will be standing firm like a

Flourishing tree

Planted by Gods design,

Deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss

Bearing fruit in every season of his life. He is never dry, never fainting, ever blessed, ever prosperous.

Written by Christina Bonuz

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