Little is much when God is in it!

Praise & worship are playing, mingled with me singing out aloud. My house was overflowing with music and praise dancing. One particular song comes on and all of the sudden the lyrics makes me pause; then I started to praise God; then I can feel my heart being overcome with emotions and all of a sudden I started to weep. Been there? Well, as I was drowning in my tears, I knew right in that moment what God was telling me. Trust me in the little. You see, a while back God already spoken to me, however, I thought I had done what he asked me to do so I did not heed his request. God knew I needed to reflect, and He knew exactly how to speak into heart, plus I was not really doing what He ask me to do. So, here we are in my AHA!moment when I realize I needed to trust God in the little things, and in the extraordinarily little things. 

Now, that I was conscious on my what I needed to do anopportunity present itself. I was low in baby formula and I was not sure where I was going to find some because stores were out and as well as online. The day came where I completely ran out and my doorbell ring; I proceed to open the door and there it was a box of baby formula enough for me to wait and be able get some more at the store. God was showing me in a tangible way to just trust him. Whether, is formula, job, homeschool,chores, kids, finances, car, food, safety etc. Trust! God is in the little. 

Little did I know that God after that miracle He was going to take me on a journey towards exercising trust. During this quarantine of course, was a great way for me to walk out in faith. Luke 16:10a (ESV) says One who is faithful in a very littleis also faithful in much. Day by day whatever little thing I was facing I needed to be faithful that God is in it. And so, I would choose to trust that every little thing was going to be okay because God is working good through every little thing. (Romans 8:28) when doubt would sneak in, I would gently give myself a soul-talk “I can trust God and is going to be beautifullyokay. So, hush doubt you have no place in here. I will trust that everything happening around me today, every day, is happening to make miracles and to deepen my faith. 

In my season of small blessings everyday God provided. Each Day I was always reminded Trust in HIM all times (psalm 62:8) These moments as they may seem insignificant or mundane God will use these blessings to deepen your faith and grow your wisdom. Trust is both an attitude and action, your first small step must follow by another and another until you realize God is indeed in it and made a way for you to know Him personally. The more we trust God and act on our faith in him, the more you will see of his way for you.

So, without question God longs for us to trust Him with all, big things to little things to everything in between even the silliest things. He cares for all. He cares for every detail in your life. He delights in His people. He wants to know. He wants to help. He wants to listen, and He wants to show up for you. He is after your heart. Nothing is too big or too small for God to show his faithfulness and goodness. If it matters to you; it Matters to God. Give yourself away and pour out your heart. This is where you can learn how to be a good steward of everything, He gives you no matter the size or value.

Every moment, every day is an opportunity to decide to trust Him. I encourage you to open your eyes to the little, to see how God is blessing you regularly. Mediate on God’s word allow His truth consumed your thoughts, fears, and doubts and do notdismiss the little things in your life. Do not miss out on blessings because you do not see its value. Small things will develop into a harvest of blessings when you allow God to use them for His glory for instance, God used the jawbone of a donkey in the slaying of a thousand men (Judges 15:15). He used a small bowl of flour and oil to feed Elijah and a widow and her son for many days (1 Kings 17:12). He used one small stone in killing a giant (1 Sam. 17:40). Reassuring right? 

When you make the decision to choose to trust He will show up, there will be uncertainties, you will step into the unknown, HIS plan will not make sense, It’s ok to let God know how you feel but (don’t dwell in it), He will never leave you astray; He will always go before you. He will stretch your faith, but He will help you. He will never leave you nor forsake you Hebrews 13:5(ESV). Trust to do your part with His help and when you are done, trust HIM to do the rest.” the more you trust, the more HE will Amazes you. Where is GOD, good is being worked. Proverbs 3:5-6 (ESV) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.Lysa Terkeurst stated We do not serve a do-nothing God. He is always working. He knows exactly what needs to happen in every detail of your story. Keep trusting Him, He sees you. He loves you. 

Oh, sweet sisters, I want to gently remind you, that while these blessings might not be worth much; taking care of one little thing you are showing God you are trustworthy. Let us decide today we will be the kind of woman God can trust with it all. Show Him we can be entrusted with little and before you know it you will find out HE is trustworthy. It is in our trusting in Him that we experience life filled to overflowing. May God give all of us grace to cultivate faithfulness in the little things that we do.


Dear God, I know you have great things in store for me. I want to trust you more and I know is not going to be easy, but I want to turn my life over to you. Let me be a good servant and be found trustworthy in the small things so that someday You can trust me in the big things in the kingdom. In Jesus’ Great Name I pray. Amen 


Luke 16:10, Luke 19:17, Romans 8:28, Philippians 4:6-7, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 62:8, Matthew 28:20, Psalm 52:8, Psalms28:7, Psalm 25:1. 


What about you? Is there evidence that God cares about the “small stuff” in your life? Can you think of a time when God helped you in a circumstance that was making you feel anxious or unsteady? Are you trusting Him with everything today? What is it that you need to relinquish control of and trust God today? Where can you see Him showing you that even the little things matter? What one thing you can do today to Trust God?

Written by Tamy Hughes

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