Beautiful Darkness

Look! Says my little one; la luna mami; it is so beautiful. I replied, yes, it is. Then, we just stood there for a few minutes gazing at the moon and all its magical splendor. As we gaze at the moon, it reminded me God makes beautiful things even in the dark and while my little one and I genuinely enjoyed those minutes of God splendor. Begs the question, can there be beauty in the dark? Can God make things beautiful in the darkness? 

As I dig into the word darkness, I notice we associate the namewith captivity, death, confusion, and destruction. However, when it comes to God, He shows us a different aspect of darkness in the bible. A place where we enter a more profound experience with him. Secret places where we discovered God’s most beautiful treasures. Isaiah 45:3 says I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name

In today’s world, where everyone is saying, see me, extra sharing is social media and posting anything to be seen and recognize, it is exceedingly difficult to appreciate that God works his best work in the dark. He forces us to go into the darkness to part with comfort and plunge into isolated places so we can find, received, and embraced a holy treasure. There are riches in the waiting in secret areas, such as pockets of blessingsfrom friends or foes, haters, spectators, imitators, and unexpected places. We cannot think of treasures or riches coming out of the dark places in our lives during our hardships, but they do. God utilizes the darkness in our lives to make something extraordinarily beautiful.

So, without a doubt, in your present darkness, those treasures arehidden away. In these dark places of brokenness, heartbreak, hardship, and loss, God brings into view His light to illuminate even the darkest areas. And it is not only enlightened, but it isalso full of treasures and riches in abundance. I know those times when despair has threatened to overwhelm me, and I cry out to Him from the deepest parts of my heart; it’s then that His light shines the brightest; it is the best treasure to be found. He values and honors our choice to turn to Him in our times of need.

Naturally, my natural eyesight focuses on the pain and hardship around me, but my spiritual sight focuses on Hope in Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:7 for we walk by faith, not by sight. Amy Carmichael quotes, “The woman who has no experiences in the dark has no secrets to share in the light.” What I have learned from darkness is; He gets my attention, reveals my weaknesses and strengths. Increases my aversion to sin. (not all suffering leads to sin) demonstrates His faithfulness, strengthens my faith, removes my pride and self-centeredness, and prepares me for future service, enabling me to comfort others facing adversity. Reveals me He is a personal God. A loving God. A trustworthyGod. A God who loves us dearly to call us by name. Shows me to see His goodness. Experience another level of His presence.He made darkness His hiding place (covering); His pavilion (canopy). Psalm 18:11 He is right there in it to reveal something more of Himself. 

I am grateful to God that changes were taking place in the privacy of darkness. Transformations were occurring into his likeness, and complete metamorphosis happened to become the woman He wanted me to be. In those times, His light and His word gave me the courage to endure. He removes unpleasantstuff, cancels illnesses, breakthroughs came, generational curses broken, stumble on miracles, promises, answer prayers, deliverance, restoration, wisdom, opportunity, treasures, healing,etc. 

I wouldn’t have known the presence & goodness of God if I wasn’t walking into valleys of darkness to cause me to draw nearer to God to see such times as a time to learn, reflect and depend on Him. He stopped things that the enemy meant to crush me, destroy me, and even stop the unseen and unknown. No part of your story is useless, my dear ones. He uses everygift, every talent, and every experience, good or bad, for His purpose and glory. We can rest in this truth. In the thick of it, we may believe that what we went through could never be used for anything worthwhile, but I have seen God turn things around in such a way that leaves me breathless. 

Sweet sister, those dark moments or dark seasons you are in right now God is telling you He is doing is HIS best work; He is preparing for the life that God wants you to have. Think of this when planting seeds to produce flowers; those seeds were growing in the dark. You go through a development process to get beautiful flowers. When a butterfly goes through a great deal of darkness yet, becomes something beautiful. You are in that development season. Do not ever doubt that He is not with you through the most significant times of darkness. He was bringing purpose and beauty through it all. When God blessed you with a child, the baby is developing in the womb, goes through 9 months of development in the dark to enjoy the bundle of joy. So, He’s never forgotten. He calls you by name.

A new day dawns, and He has riches in store for you, and even more, a valuable treasure is knowing the all-powerful God of the universe is working in the darkness. God wants you and me to have full access to all the blessings and rewards that he already laid aside for us to have. God sees beauty, and HE can work in any adverse circumstance, darkness, void, emptiness, and absence. He extends His hand into the darkness and blesses you in any situation. In adversity, we are to grow in the grace and beauty of our Lord. Let us not despise His ways but wait patiently and expectantly for those treasures that He will give.

Until the morning comes, my Savior has my treasure, and He will walk with me.


Father, with everything in me, I want to avoid the pain of now. Yet, I realize that I can’t. I accept this time of darkness as a gift from You. Show me the treasures You have hidden for me, the riches stored in secret places. Help me to know You better through this. Help me to run to You calling me in the dark. Amen.


Isaiah 45:3, 2 Corinthians 4:8, Psalm 30:5, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Psalm 59:16, John 8:12, Psalm 18:11, Mathew 10:27, Psalm 27:1, Psalm 92:1-2


What are some dark places you have been in recently? What isone step you can take to move away from the darkness toward God’s intended treasure? What are some hidden gifts God might be working into your life right now? What is a treasure God has shown you?

written by Tamy Hughes

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