Walking in His light through Darkness

Alone on a very dark night; have you ever been there? Afraid of the dark? Fearful of dark shadows? We all have, at some point,and it is a frightening situation. In this journey, we called life,we have dealt with or going through some darkness. Dark places, corners, or moments, whatever you call it, all is scary, gloomy, and heartbreaking. In my seasons of darkness, from time to time, the light seem so far out of reach, it felt like I wasaimlessly wandering in the dark. While wondering, I ponderwhen God is going to show up for me here? Why now? Why did He allow this to happen? I am sinking into no end; where is He? 

Who has not felt the dark caves of despair, grapple with shadows of depression, fear, anxiety, loss, and pits of pain? In those dark moments of life, I believe that God is far closer than we can understand. In those times when He feels distant, and it feels like we are missing into the darkness, but God is, in fact,with us, close enough to touch if we will reach out. He canintervene in our darkness.

As Christ believers, we are comforted in knowing that the dark might be lurking around us or could settle over us, making us unable to see, but God is there to help us. He is the light of the world. In psalms, 139:11-12 says If I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me, and the light about me be night,”12 even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with youHe lights our paths and shows us the way. We can be sure we have the light with us in this darkness. We only need to stay long enough to discover His presence in the places we do not want to be. 

Bear in mind; the enemy wants to convince you that the light will never return. But the light has never left. Your darkness might be deep and soon to swallow all hope. But HIS light wants to remind you that He is never overcome, even in the darkest of places. Psalm 119:105. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Let God’s word gives you peace, strength, hope in life’s darkest moments. God’s strength+ your trust = victory always

Did you know a black hole is not a black hole? A black hole is an object just like any other, except that it is incredibly dense.An object, so the whole is not all wrong. The enemy wants to keep you oppress into believing you are in a black hole with noway out. But remember, a dark place will not be so dark with a little light cast upon it. So, do not let Satan use this pain to darken your outlook and keep you oppress. Walk into His Light, shift your perspective into HIS. The darkness cannot prevail against the light.

The truth is, sometimes the lights go out in life, and we feel we are left alone in the dark with our pain. So, I know it can be easyto give in to the hurt sometimes as well as I know it is never easy to confront these dark, hurting places in our soul, but I also know that fighting through and giving it back to Jesus will be valuable beyond measure.

Walking in His Light has shown me that the beautiful thing about God’s Light is that it brings clarity, safety, hope, and security. HIS light is powerful in his ability to heal, empower,and set free.  

His light is always there. Hope shines through. God wants to be close to us in our pain. He voluntarily immersed himself into our mess and brokenness. HE is our hope and holds you until hope begins stirring into your soul. He is faithful. He is good. He is Kind. He will always make a way. No matter how dark it is or how alone you may feel, God is right there with you. Just like a shepherd protects and guides his sheep in those dark moments, God wants to do the same for you. Psalm 23:4

God’s promises whispered in the light does not change when the sun set. It doesn’t matter how dark the dark is; there is notanywhere we can go to escape His loving Light. He is seatedright beside us as we weep, He is our listening ear as we vent our frustrations, He is our steady anchor of truth in a sea of confusion. Don’t be afraid of the dark as Christ is with you; thisdarkness may seem to be suffocating your very soul. Still, in Christ, it has no authority over you. The great light of the world came to shine into our darkness. No darkness is dark to him. 1 John 1:5 that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. He came to this earth so you can breathe deep and have peace even when you cannot see through this darkness in front of you. 

Dear sisters, if you find yourself in a dark place today, remember that Jesus, our friend, the lover of your heart, is withyou, and He will not leave you for a moment. He is unafraid of that which scares you most. The light will always do away with darkness. It does not matter whether this darkness is spiritual or physical. The only way the dark and light are alike is that they both are controlled by Him. Today, Jesus is telling you He has His hand over us and making sure that the enemy of our souls understands we are His.


I thank You that You never conquered by darkness. Thank you that this darkness will dissipate, and the night around me will be like day once again. I am grateful as your light is with me as I walk with you and learn to walk in your ways and seek your divine presence in my life moment by moment. Thank you for your promise that I will shine again. Take me into the Light of Your glorious presence. Radiate all darkness out of my being and fill me with hope in the promise of his victory. Amen. 


Psalm 139:11-12, Psalm 18:28, Psalm 107: 14, Psalm 143:3 Lamentations 3:22-23 John 16:33, 1 John 1:5, 2 Corinthians 4:1, psalm 23:4, Psalm 119:105.


What tends to be your go-to reaction; when you are in a dark place? What are some dark places you have been in recently? What step can you take to move away from the darkness toward God’s Light? How do I hope to heal and live more fully in God’sLight?

Written by Tamy Hughes

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