Getting into His Presence

One of my absolute favorite stories of the Bible, is the story of Mary and Martha. I like this story more than any other one. Anytime they talk about them in a sermon, it gets me all giggly because I love it so much.

Mary and Martha are mentioned shortly in the bible. If you are not familiar with them here is a place where you can find them. 

  • Luke 10 : 38-42
  • John 11: 1-44

I’ve also provided a very easy to relate sermon on Mary and Martha. I’ve heard many preachers explain and teach it in many ways, but I feel this one would be relatable, easy to listen to and will make you giggle a bit. 

 I’m going to start with telling you a little bit of my life. We are a very busy family. My other half is somewhat of a workaholic and enjoys work, although he is very attentive to us, any chance he can be at work, he would. He is a busy body and that is one of the things I love the most about him. I have two children, a boy that’s ten years old and a girl that is six. My daughter is in ballet, horseback riding, shows ponies and enjoys doing mutton bustin on the weekends. My 10 year old son is in 4H archery, basketball, soccer, horseback riding and has recently taken up junior bull riding. I work at our church private school as a Spanish and PE teacher. I also attend our local University where I went back to expand my education. So we are pretty busy almost everyday. You can say I am more of a Martha!

I take advantage of any and all down time that we have from practicing ALL our number skip counting to even doing flash cards on the way to school. Any free time that we have, I like to fill it in with something. I even do my daily sermon intake while getting dressed. I know down to the minute what youtube video I am able to watch and which one will go over my getting ready time in the morning. On the contrary, and what leads me to believe that I have a little bit of Mary, when I do my prayer time I like to make sure I’m alone. I like to make sure the room that I’m in is clean and I like it quiet. Because I have this ritual, although I don’t like to admit it, I sometimes don’t have time to do just that. But I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to do any of that. You don’t have to wait until you go to a quiet place to pray. You can invite Jesus into your life and atmosphere without any hesitation, anytime. He is there for you and with you and wants to give you the desires of your heart, all you need to do is speak to him. Speak to him in the quiet or in the busy and on the go. 

What if Our Lord and Savor walked into your house right now, what would you do? Would you be worried about your child’s socks on the floor or would you just sit and worship him? Would you tell him your deepest desires and be ever so quiet when he speaks to you or would you babble continually? It really does not matter how u speak to him as long as you invite him into your house. When you do just that, he walks into your home and steps into your life the moment that you start to speak to him. Whether you are in a spotless, quiet, area or in a room where your kids are screaming and fighting in the background. He is there with you. All you have to do is invite him in!

Jesus loved Mary and Martha the same way he loves you. He loves and enjoys your home and company. He loves to visit you as much as he loved visiting Mary and Martha. All you have to do is call for him the same way Mary and Martha did and when you do, HE WILL EVEN RAISE THE DEAD FOR YOU just like he did for them!

Written by: Lluvia T.

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